24th Feb

Journalist fordrejer sandheden om ADHD

Set i lyset af den seneste tids, negative omtale om ADHD og den manglende behandling, eller for nogen “voldsomme” overbehandling, så har jeg besluttet at skrive en FAKTUEL artikel om vilkårerne, for voksne med ADHD, i Danmark som modspil til den underlødige mediedækning som Maria Cuculiza fra MetroXpress står bag.

18th Feb

The ADHD Brain Meltdown

That ADHD is a complex mental disorder is common knowledge by now. But what is it that really goes wrong, within the brain? Here’s the explanation, in plain English!

08th Feb

Fakta om ADHD

Jeg har samlet den seneste viden om ADHD i en samlet artikel, som du kan finde her: http://addspeaker.net/adhd-basis-teori/

01st Feb

How to Create the Psychopaths of the Future

According to the latest scientific data, 63.8% of all those who suffer from ADHD, also suffer from another (comorbid) mental disorder. In the population, in general, around 20% suffer from a mental disorder. In this article, I examine what they are and why they are linked to ADHD, as well as why 40% of all inmates […]

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