03rd Jul

PTSD and CPTSD in ICD-11

On June 18th, 2018, WHO released their 11th version of their International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). I have previously taken a look at the ADHD diagnoses, and this time I take a quick look at PTSD and Complex PTSD.

29th Jun

New ADHD Diagnosis in ICD-11 gives people hope

In June, 2018, WHO announced it’s new ICD-11, and with this ADHD got a facelift and was aligned with the descriptions as found in DSM-V, but with som key differences. This article describes the new ICD-11 criteria for ADHD.

02nd May

The Scientific Truth about ADHD

The information ADHD on the Internet is in large part, based on subjective, emotional based “facts” about ADHD and ADHD medicine in particular. The media have a tendency to focus on the most exciting issues, like drug abuse, violence, poor social skills and of cause, the basic concept of how someone suffering from ADHD is […]

01st Apr

The Laws of Emotion

Anger, Love, Sadness, Joy, Despair, Hope, Grief and Ectasy … are all emotions that we humans feel. But what is the laws that governs HOW and WHY we feel, the way we do_ I take a look at some research to find the Laws of Emotion and explain them …

21st Feb

Stort gennembrud i ADHD forskning

I foråret 2017, publicerede forskere ved DTU Kemi et studie om enzymer forbundet til signalstoffet, Dopamin. Dopamin er hjernens belønningsstof og spiller en central rolle i behandlingen af ADHD, idet ADHD medicin primært går på at regulere hjernens dopaminniveau, for at mindske symptomerne på lidelsen.