Denmark Discriminate Children With ADHD

On 23. October 2015 by Peter 'ADDSpeaker' Vang

In the Spirit of International Brotherhood …

Denmark Discriminate Children With ADHD

In the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights it is stated that;
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Preface …

Denmark is allowing the targeted discrimination of children with disabilities, openly and publicly, by subjecting them to multiple violations of the purpose and meaning of the United Nations CONVENTION on the RIGHTS of PERSONS with DISABILITIES by way of explicitly excluding children with ADHD from partaking in a local government sponsored and tax payer funded, cultural field trip for 6,500 other students of the same community, solely based on the symptoms of their disability, the social handicap that comes with having ADHD.

Denmark Discriminate Children With ADHD …

The State of Denmark Discriminate Children With ADHD and is therefore in clear violation of more than 20 articles in the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as documented, in this blog post: Denmark Openly Discriminate Against Children With Disabilities

The cause I fight for …

I am fighting for these children’s rights, not just to right the wrong in this particular case, but also to establish precedence, so that the ADHD community in Denmark can use this as a reference in future court cases, concerning the rights for protection against discriminiation.

Why Do I Care? …

I have spent 40 years of my own life, living with un-diagnosed ADHD, until I fell into “a deep black hole” of depression and had to spend the past 3-4 years trying to climb out of it. I later found out that I had been struggling with the symptoms of ADHD for all those years, without any special need accommodations, and now my body and mind simply caved in and I had to “pull the plug”. With my age and my diagnose, a job is not something that is readily available, so instead I started the NGO, ADDspeaker, to use my skills and talents, to benefit those with need for them, especially focusing on the area of ADHD. I don’t have any children myself, and I don’t have any relation to the children in question or their families, but I do have a conscience, and I was in disbelief, when I saw this story in the news.

Since then I have worked to eradicate this heinous act of discrimination against innocent children, who have done nothing wrong, other than being born with a disability. That’s why I care!

The Law says …

The Supreme Court in Denmark and European Court of Justice have already established that ADHD is protected under the U.N. CRPD, as a permanent functional impairment, which can be disabling, when faced with the demands of society.

Unfortunately, this has only been established in regard to the workplace, and no such specific precedence has been established yet in the educational system, and not even in the public realm. Therefore, in theory and praxis, this makes the discrimination of persons with disabilities like ADHD, not illegal!

My claim is, that it is illegal, not directly under Danish law, but under the governing principles set forth in the United Nations conventions, which Denmark has signed, and ratified.

Denmark Discriminate Children With ADHD

The Danish Institute for Human Rights (the official human rights authority in Denmark), have publicly critized The State of Denmark, lastly in their status report for 2014/2015, specifically on the issue, for not actively implementing the rights for persons with disabilities in regard to discrimination. They recommended that, “Denmark introduces a ban on discrimination on the grounds of disability applying outside the area of employment“. The case in question is a clear-cut example of this praxis and we have others we are working on, as well.

I have researched the issue, and have found multiple cases with violations of the rights of people with disabilities, and against persons with ADHD, in particular. There is a “silent acceptance” in the Danish Municipality System, which is enabling this discrimination, and I have advocated this to our Prime Minister, on numerous occasions on multiple media platforms, but I am getting stone-walled, ignored and/or disregarded.

I therefore call upon your “spirit of brotherhood“, by asking for your support in our just cause against The State of Denmark, to help us put a stop to these multiple violations of the U.N. Human Rights. and restore the natural birth rights of any person, and indeed for persons with disabilities, especially the children with ADHD, who are suffering the most!

I have made the image below, to clarify in short, what this cause is all about, and I ask for your support in spreading this among your fellow peers, so that we can collect the statements of support (LIKES, SHARES, FAVORITES etc.), and present them, along with a formal complaint, to the Ombudsman in Denmark, in hopes of getting this wrong and degrading practice, eradicated.

Denmark Discriminate Children With ADHD
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Thank you so much, in advance, for your time and support!

On behalf of the children with ADHD in Denmark,

Peter ‘ADDspeaker‘ Vang

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Denmark Discriminate Children With ADHD

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