New World Disorder – Episode 1

On 28. April 2017 by Peter 'ADDSpeaker' Vang

In this new series which I have chosen to call ‘New World Disorder’, I will be investigating the geopolitical reasons, impact and consequence of the ‘War On Terror’ and ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’.

EPISODE 1: 1980 – 1991



Saddam Hussein was a Sunni dictator who ruled over a country, Iraq, which was 60% Shia majority but were the 40% Sunni had all the power, the tension between Iran (which is Shia) and Iraq (60% Shia) had been rumbling for years, as Saddam was battling the Shia’s influence (mainly in the southern parts of Iraq, near Basra), he felt that the Iranian influence on the Shia population of Iraq, was beginning to treat his position and supremacy.

Under the guise of religious motives, he attacked Iran in late 1980. The real reason was actually financial, since Saddam had spent almost all of Iraq’s vast oil ressources, on buying weapons from USA, Russia and many European countries, to 1; make sure he could subdue the Iraqi population and 2; keep he close enemies (Israel, Syria and Iran) at bay, he was broke and needed to expand his access to oil, which Iran was in plenty of.

But as time went on, he had to realise that he could not invade and conquer Iran, and essentially he had to accept the stalemate and make peace with Iran.

In 1990, he was so desperate for ressources that he claimed that Kuwait had cheated Iraq from profits on their oil sales, by dumping the price on oil thereby hurting the Iraqi economy, he demanded that Kuwait would pay him restitute.



On August 2, 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait and began plundering the country for all it’s ressources and terrorising the population at the same time.

The Kuwaiti Ambassador, Sheikh Saud Al-Sabah was immediately pleading for US Military assistance, but as the politicians in the US was reluctant to commit to a new ground war, against the 1 million man strong Iraqi army, the West hesitated and waged their options.


Then this young women, Nayirah, testified before the US Congress on October 14, 1990 …


With this testimony, where she explains that Iraqi soldiers would take ‘babies out of the incubators, and leave them on the cold floor, to die’, the West suddenly had an awakening and the mood changed to outrage and everyone began demanding immediate action.


Now, the table had turned on Saddam and his (mis)calculation of US intentions toward his invasion of Kuwait, suddenly turned deadly.


Later on, after the decisions to eject Iraq from Kuwait, the world got a little surprise …


This conclude this early background information for the main topic, ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ which I will continue to examine, in Episode 2 …




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