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About ADDspeaker


ADDspeaker is an online Citizen Scientist Group specialized on the topic of ADHD.

We are strictly nonprofit and have no association with any religious, political or financial interests!


Our focus is on providing scientific evidence-based knowledge from the scientific community to the people who lives with ADHD themselves.

We have a large international network of scientists who mentor us on a myriad of topics related to ADHD and we aim to be able to bring this cutting-edge knowledge to everyone, regardless of educational level, by writing articles that are written in everyday language, so as to make new knowledge accessible and useful – in our everyday life.

Peter ‘ADDspeaker’ Vang (left), and Dr. Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D. (right)

The organization was started by Peter ‘ADDspeaker’ Vang, born 1972 in Denmark, who writes under the alias ADDspeaker, and have done so since 2012. Peter is self-taught in all areas of ADHD, he has no medical education and all information is intended to be educational to further our public knowledge, not to provide health care services.

Peter is himself diagnosed with ADHD and comorbid Autism, and have lived 40 years with untreated ADHD and since 2012 as medicinally treated with ADHD medication.

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