12th Aug

Is it ADHD or ASD or ODD?

Many of us have difficulties with telling these three distinct disorders apart, due to their overlapping symptomology on self-control and emotional dysregulation. In this article, I try to give you the easy way to tell them apart, to help you get the right treatment …

06th Jun

ADHD er helt misforstået i Danmark

Siden jeg selv fik min ADHD diagnose for mere end 6 år siden, har jeg kæmpet med alt jeg havde i mig, for at få trukket Danmark ind i ADHD videnskabens 21. århundrede … seneste tal fra Lægemiddelstyrelsen viser at jeg har kæmpet totalt forgæves …

02nd May

The Scientific Truth about ADHD

The information ADHD on the Internet is in large part, based on subjective, emotional based “facts” about ADHD and ADHD medicine in particular. The media have a tendency to focus on the most exciting issues, like drug abuse, violence, poor social skills and of cause, the basic concept of how someone suffering from ADHD is […]