16th Nov

Terrorists Are Probably People With ADHD

Update: November 18th, 2015 @ADDspeaker I presented, not the image alone, but the statement as a whole, to Dr. Barkley and he responded, to the comments of Søren Pind … […] Such a statement is absolutely ludicrous if not insane and has no basis in any facts. What an atrocious statement to make. Russ Barkley, […]

07th Nov

Stress, Angst, Depression og ADHD

Stress, Angst, Depression og ADHD Mennesker med ADHD har i 85% af tilfældene også mindst 1 anden diagnose, og i 55% af tilfældende faktisk 2 yderligere diagnoser. De hyppigeste er angst og depression. Læs her mere om ADHD, Angst og Depression!.Årsagen undersøges her i denne artikel. Hvordan hænger ADHD, Angst og Depression sammen? ADHD er […]

02nd Nov

Dr. Barkley is not Big Pharma’s Puppet!

You can watch all the great videos with Dr. Barkley here … I am a big fan of Dr. Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D., which may not come as any kind of a surprise to many of my readers, since I reference him a lot. Unfortunately, I hear some negative feedback on him as “being in […]